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Welcome to the Girl Gang! 

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Hi! I'm Hollie, a mother of two young children and a madly passionate van lifer. I travel around the UK in my converted VW crafter with the children while my husband stays home to work. 


I created 'These Girls VAN', a community for women who want to travel solo (without a husband/partner in tow), though perhaps with children on board. This ladies only group was ignited by the many, many questions I have received over the last year from ladies who want support and encouragement to do what I am doing. Many of which feel frightened to travel alone for a whole host of reasons. I decided it was time for us to pull together to support one another because, if I can do it, any lady can! I am incredibly determined to raise other women because I believe we can do it all- we just have to believe in ourselves. 

'These Girls Van' camp together as one large group, once every season. My hope is that these ladies will feel empowered enough after our meet ups to drive their vans, plan trips away and take those adventures that they have long dreamed of. I have already begun to see this incredible transition for many van life ladies! 

These girls VAN is not an exclusive community- all ladies are welcome, no matter your age, which van you drive (actually, van or no van- tents are welcome too if the sites allow) or your story, this girl gang is here for you with open arms. 

I hope to inspire van life ladies to feel confident with driving and maintaining their vehicles- I use instagram as tool for sharing my top tips and 'how to' videos. I also speak openly about the ups and the downs of van life and solo parenting. Whilst there are a vast arrays of benefits to my children and I travelling solo, this does not come without hard times. I am effectively doing the job of two parents whilst my husband is back home working full time for our business, and there are times that I question my sanity and consider finishing trips early! It is so important to me that I am honest with you, because social media has a habit of portraying only the good sides of life- we all know that life is a rollercoaster! 

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Future Meet Ups:
'She Weekender' 21st June 2024- Mersea Boating Lake
Meet in the Mendips 11th October- Mendip Activity Centre


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